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I LOVE INSTAGRAM! Although I love it, as an instagramer I don’t follow that many people, only 415 as of right now(which is a low number if you’ve actually seen how many others follow). So I went through my list and picked out a few of my favorite instagramers and decided to share with you all why I follow them!

My first two favorite instagramers are also my favorite etsy shops. You may recognize one from my fall favorites post!
First one is @houseofjars. This company makes customized mason jar cups/tumblers and even cozy’s and cloth fabric coasters. The designs are SOOO cute and original. The prices are also super reasonable.
My second favorite is one that is listed on my Fall Favorite posts, its @dentzdenim! If you have read the fall favorites posts you know they make ADORABLE off the shoulder sweatshirts but they also make customized, denim shorts! Their price is also reasonable and their clothes are so comfy!

My next category is fitness inspo. instagrams that I follow. Now, I don’t follow many fitness ones but my two favorite that I catch myself checking a lot are listed below.
First one is @mshelllll. Michelle of @mshelllll is a gorgeous, bubbly, inspirational, motivational, and all around happy person! If you need a good smile or any fitness motivation/information you for sure should follow her! She posts tips on work outs, food, and just how to be a bad ass for life (which is how she explains it). She also posts adorable things about being a newly wed! You don’t know what you are missing if you aren’t following her!
My second favorite is erin_morgan. Erin of @erin_morgan is a BeachBody Coach and a Law School Grad. She is also a gorgeous, down to earth, realistic, informative, and supportive Instagramer!
She posts tips for eating clean, working out, and ways to better yourself in every aspects of life.
These two fitness instagramers are both so real about the journey to a healthy lifestyle and I find myself very motivated by both of them!

Along with fitness instas, I also follow a few instagramers that are HUGE on body confidence! These instagramers believe being healthy is SOO important but they also believe that loving the body you are in is the first step to everything!
My first one is @tessmunster. Tess of @tessmunster is probably THE most confident woman I have ever laid my eyes on! She is a Model, Mother, and Body Positivity Activist. Her posts are about her day to day life. She is behind the #effyourbeautystandards movement and defiantly shines positive light on the fact that at any size you can be beautiful and sexy!
My next person I follow is @nathanaellark. Nathanael of @nathanaellark is the ONLY artist I follow on instagram, for good reasons too! He is an amazing artist, writer, and creator. His work is based on the beauty of everyone in the word. He sketches and writes short stories about the day to day life of others. It is so hard for me to explain how inspiring and humble this guy is! He is currently working on a book that will be filled with his sketches and stories, you will NOT want to miss that! I know I will be ordering one once it is finished. Make sure you follow him to get your daily dose of positivity and love!
My last person for this category is @loeybug. Loey of @loeybug is not only a plus-size fashion vlogger but a beauty vlogger as well. She is also a military spouse (just like me). Her instagram is just a small part of what she does. She is an amazing youtuber that posts about body confidence, makeup, fashion, etc. Her love for others shines through the work that she does. She is down to earth and never apologizes for her beliefs.

Following that category is beauty/life style blogger. Which @loeybug could fall under as well, but for this category there is only one person I follow specifically for their blog.
This person is an aspiring blogger, @kaitbait13. Kaitlyn of @kaitbait13 is a blogger and obsessed with all things pretty. She is also a military spouse and super motivational and inspiring to me when it comes to my blog! Her posts consist of makeup, diy’s, fashion go to’s, and just married life in general. We have actually teamed up for my Lorac Mega Pro Palette giveaway and is for sure an upcoming blogger you wont wanna miss!

My next category is specifically for makeup artists. As a makeup artist myself I follow a few different accounts but I picked some of my favorites to list below.
The first one is @ourfazinali. She is a makeup artist based in the LA area. Her work is flawless and very geared towards bold but wearable makeup. Her look is very signature.
My second account I follow is @amandaartistry. Amanda of @amandaartistry is based in the Dallas, TX area. Her work is geared toward the artistic side of makeup with looks being theatrical and dramatic. I don’t think I have yet to see a look I didn’t like from her.
My last artist is mostly a special effects artist based in the LA area. @mykie_ is AMAZING at what she does, which is glam and gore! Every post of hers is unique and very artistic! From Frostbite Elsa to a “Real” Cut crease, everything she posts is outstanding. You won’t believe some of the looks she comes up with!

Next is hair inspiration! I actually only follow one person for this category.
This is the celebrity hairstylist @sarahpotempa. Sarah of @sarahpotempa is not only a celebrity hairstylist but the creator of The Beach Waver and WrapUp Bun. She gets to work on people like Selena Gomez, Ali Larter, Kelly Ripa, and many, many more! She just finished her project of 100 days of hair, where she posted a new hairstyle every day for 100 days! Simply Amazing!!

The next category are photographers I follow on instagram. I am also a photographer, so following accounts that bring inspiration to me is very important.
My first account is @threenailsphoto. Hunter of @threenailsphoto is a SUPER creative photographer that has worked very hard to get to where he is now. He specializes in wedding and fashion photography. He is based in the Louisiana area. Every image of his, that I have seen, leaves me speechless. He holds amazing workshops and shares his love for photography with others.
The next photographer I follow is @sarahmodene. Sarah of @sarahmodene is located in the Toledo area and specializes in Senior Fashion Photography. She is dedicated to giving each senior she works with a very personalized session. I defiantly find inspiration not only in her work but how she conducts her business as well.
The last photographer I wanted to add to my list is @analisajoyphotography. Analisa of @analisajoyphotography is located in the San Diego, CA area and specializes in lifestyle and wedding photography. Her work is inspiring and speaks louder than anything I could every say about it. So much beauty in every shot she takes.

For my VERY last category, I wanted to share an amazing, marriage based, Christian blogger. Jen of @unveiledwife. Jen is passionate and encouraging when it comes to being a wife and mother. Not only do I enjoy her instagram but I enjoy the emailed prayers and devotional that she has wrote. The sense of community that she has made through her work is incredible! I highly recommend, as a wife, to follow her and to check out her website! It has changed me for the better!!

So those are the top instagrams that I follow! If you have any suggestions on people I should follow leave them in the comments below.
I will post my instagrams below also for anyone that would like to follow:
@riiileeeyy (personal)
@radiancebyrileyphotog (photography)
@beautybyri (makeup artist/aesthetics)

Make sure you follow my blog so you never miss out!!

Thank you for reading!! 🙂

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