The BEST Tacos!

I have taken a few days for myself but I am back! I wanted to share my husbands all-time favorite meal that I make at home!!! TACOS!! I used to love going out to eat at Mexican restaurants but when I would make tacos at home, the package taco seasoning was never as good as the restaurant, until I discovered this seasoning combination! All you need is your regular taco fixings like beef, shredded cheese, chips, shells, lettuce, salsa, whatever but what makes this special are the taco seasoning and rice! So follow below!

THE Ingredients you need along side your normal taco stuff:
Chilly Powder
Season Salt
Fiesta Sides Spanish Rice
Brown 1lb of ground beef
Then add one tablespoon of Paprika and Chilly Powder
Next add two teaspoons of Season Salt and mix appropriately.
(This seasoning recipe is a “too taste” recipe…meaning after following these instructions you should taste the taco meat and you can add more of each if you think necessary)
While the meat is browning I usually turn on the stove and follow the instructions on the bag of the Fiesta Sides Spanish Rice so that it will be done when the meat is also.
Once the meat and the rice are done you are good to go!!

TIP: When adding rice to my tacos I like to put it down first, then the meat, then the rest of the stuff I want on them.

It is sooooooo good and I can now choose to eat Mexican at home over going out and be completely happy with it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Thank you for reading!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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