Lorac MegaPro Giveaway!

Makeup and Beauty lovers we are ONE WEEK AWAY from choosing a winner for my collab giveaway with my instagram sister @Kaitbait13 🙂

To enter please go to @beautybyri

You will then need to follow @beautybyri, @radiancebyrileyphotog, & @kaitbait13.

Next you will need to repost the photo on my page (which is also the one on this post) and tag all the accounts above and use the hashtag #rikaitgiveaway

This is a ONE entry only giveaway and US entries only! (sorry loves)

Kaitlyn and I are SOOO excited to pick a winner and we will for sure be doing other giveaways in the near future!!


Make sure you follow my blog so you never miss out!!

If you would like to see me write about something please leave all suggestions in the comment box below!

Thank you for reading!! 🙂

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