Black Friday

So this was the first year I have ever gone Black Friday shopping and I had such a great time! Although I did not go in the middle of the night (I actually went at 8am) there were still so many great deals and way less of a crowd. I finished my Christmas and birthday shopping and picked up a few things for myself. So listed below are the things I can share, without giving away any gifts I bought. ☺

First place we went was Gordmans (one of my FAVORITE places)


I got for myself new eyelash curlers ($3) and also a new hand soap for my kitchen ($.99)


I also bought my husband a new pair of jeans ($25) and two pairs of Perry Ellis boxers (only $7.99)

The next place we went was Kirklands (another one of my go-to stores)


I got this PERFECT tumblr ($9.99) I am seriously soooo excited about this purchase. With my husband being in the Air Force I wanted something that I could take with me that reminded me of home. This was defiantly one of my favorite buys of the day.

We then went to Rally House and Lowes but I didn’t buy anything for myself at those stores.

Next we went to Target.


This new wristlet ($14.99) fits the new Galaxy S5 great! My old one was to small and useless since I upgraded.

Lastly we went to Walmart.


I got these blinged out headbands ($4.95) For something like this you would pay 3-4 times the price at Charming Charlies or anywhere else.


So 6 stores later, a successful First Black Friday spent with my mom and sister was complete.

As for Cyber Monday tomorrow….that is a different story 😉

If you ever have any suggestions on what I should write about leave it in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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