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6 Changes To Make Right Now!

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  1. Stop drinking pop, or doing something unhealthy. Not to just be healthier, but to practice self-discipline. Remembering that you are in control of your choices and body seems to be forgotten easily.
  2. Start going to the doctors, or doing something that scares you. Having anxiety makes some of the simplest things hard. Stepping out of your comfort zone in smaller things will only give you the courage to do the bigger things. Easier said than done, but totally worth it.
  3. Stop forgetting to pray. I pray a lot but it should be my first instinct when something good…or something bad happens. It shouldn’t be step two or three…it should be step one.
  4. Start benefiting from alone time; Self-reflection, talking to God, or being productive. Having alone time allows you to grow, use it.
  5. Stop comparing your life to others. With social media, most people only post the positive things happening in their life. Unless you are good friends with someone you probably won’t know more than that. Comparing yourself will just cause bitterness or jealously, when you should be rejoicing in others success with them.
  6. Start putting your phone down during dates. This one has been stated many times in other article, but quality time with your significant other or close friend is important. Make them feel wanted.

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