A Letter To My Ex-Bestfriend

A post about growing up.

This letter could be 20 pages long, but I will keep it pretty short.

This is an open letter to anyone I used to be best friends with. Growing up I had a lot of “best friends” and although I had many, I never used the title lightly. You were special to me. You were loved by me. You meant so much, you still mean so much…I am so thankful for the childhood memories we had. The ones we don’t remember because we were too young to the ones we will remember forever.

11003938_450331148447794_2025686579_n And although I miss the memories, I know things have changed. I know you have changed, and for that I am letting go. I need to grow and make room for the new people in my life. You hold such a huge piece of my heart that sometimes I don’t have enough room for someone that is here now. Someone that loves and wants to spend time with me now. Growing up is hard, growing up means letting go, but it doesn’t mean I will forget. I won’t forget all the times you were there for me, all the times we laughed at inside jokes together, all the times we ate the whole bag of candy, all the times we got ready at each others house before a big event, all the times we stayed up till the A.M. talking about anything and everything. I won’t forget the first feeling of jealousy when I saw you post a picture with someone else. I won’t forget the endless nights I cried because I missed my best friend.10994666_450331158447793_606315002_n I won’t forget the time I realized we were drifting apart, I won’t forget the time I realized we weren’t best friends or even friends at all…I don’t blame you. I don’t blame anyone. The summer after high school I got married, I moved away, David joined the Air Force. If it is anyones fault it is my own. I was always there for you, but I am sorry if I didn’t show it.11007616_450331125114463_6910036_n I realized at a very young age I possessed more empathy than most. I cared for others in a way most didn’t. I think it is part of the reason it has taken me so long to let go of your huge spot in my heart and put you in a smaller one. I will never let you go completely. You are amazing. God gave me you in a time of need. You were and still are a blessing to me and everyone in your life now. I wish I could be there for every big accomplishment, birthday, event, etc..but to put effort into someone that doesn’t reciprocate it is not fair to myself. So Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Good Luck, and I am so proud of you for all past, present, and future occasion I haven’t been able to attend. Thank you for growing up with me. I love you and I always will. I won’t ever say good-bye, but I will be letting go.


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