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What’s In My Purse?

With spring right around the corner I went out and picked up a new purse to bring it in. Hopefully it is here sooner than later, I am not a fan of the cold. 😉 I got my purse at one of my go to stores, CATO. I looked to see if they had it listed online but unfortunately it wasn’t.
I thought the mint color was perfect and the little details were so great!
The first thing I have in my purse is my wristlet/wallet. This is the perfect product because when I don’t want to carry my purse I can grab it and not worry about leaving important stuff in the car.
The next thing is my FAVORITE pair of sunglasses. I have had them for two years and can’t find anything that compares. So if you know where I could purchase a similar pair, I’d greatly appreciate it!
The next thing is my phone and keys, nothing special. During Basic Training David ordered me this key ring and it has our last name on the opposite side, so sweet. 🙂
Fourth thing is my awesome planner I got for Christmas. (My sister and brother in law know me so well) Along with lots of pencils and pens. I also carry a highlighter and a metallic sharpie. I have to keep this with me at all times. Being a photographer and make-up artist my schedule can get crazy busy and without it I’d be lost.
Another thing I always have to have with me are my business cards. I carry them in this adorable little holder. I also like to keep a small mirror with me.
Next are a few makeup items I like to leave in my purse. I hate taking a lot of things with me so I try to keep it to a minimum. The first thing is a lip product. I do switch them out depending what I am wearing. In the picture below I have my Lorac Alter Ego lipstick in the color “Dutchess”. It is a gorgeous nude. (I promise I will do a review on them soon) The other two products I like to keep with me are some eyebrow powder for touch-ups along with a powder compact for when I am feeling shiny. (both of those products were purchased from Sally Beauty Supply)
The following four things are beauty items as well. I keep hand sanitizer from Bath&Body Works, a small tin of bobby pins, acne spot treatment, and, of course, an EOS Chapstick egg in there.
The next few things are just so you know I am keeping it real. I always have DO, tampons, a comb, and my mini emergency kit in my purse. The emergency kit has all things tiny! It includes clear nail polish, nail file, nail polish remover, tampon, deodorant, stain remover, Advil, floss, band-aid, Neosporin, double-sided tape, mouth spray, hair spray, AND needle and thread! I KNOW!!! All of that is in that tiny little case. Below is a link for the mini emergency kit! (it is slightly different) This site has many designs. So cute!
For Her
The second to last thing I have on me at all times is my card readers. One for my PayPal account and one for my Etsy store. (my Etsy store is currently empty for remodeling purposes). If you have an account with either of them they will send you the card swipers for free! Love it!
And the last thing I ALWAYS have in my purse is my Diet Green Tea and a small snack. The snack varies but you can always count on me to have the tea.

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