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LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick Spring Collection

Lorac Cosmetics released their spring collection a few weeks ago. One of their items they included was a collection of their Alter Ego Lipstick as a set for ONLY $35!!!  1424292102804 They are originally $16.00 a piece. With that said, it is for sure a steal. I ordered them the day they were released from Kohl’s. The lipstick collection is exclusively sold through them. These lipsticks are from their original line, so nothing new if you already have them. The colors included are Duchess, Seductress, Vixen, CEO and Free Spirit. They are described as “highly-pigmented color with an opaque, matte finish.” They for sure are! Although they are matte they aren’t drying. The formula contains acai berry, pomegranate, grape seed extract, and vitamins A & E.20150218023918

I will be doing some looks with them in the near future. One look I have done recently is shown below. Although it is just a cell phone picture you can see how bright and pigmented it is! I prepped my lips with my EOS chapstick, lined with a clear lip liner, and then applied the product. It lasted an all day shopping trip. I kissed my husband bye, drank Starbucks, and ate Panda Express. When I got home after 6+ hours it still looked good. 🙂


I would definitely recommend this product! If you couldn’t tell by my review. I will post the link below where you can order from.

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