5 Things No One Tells You About Homeschoolers

Homeschool, something most people don’t understand. Heck, I wouldn’t know much about it except for one little thing…my sweet husband was homeschooled his whole life! Want to know something crazier? He is normal, for the most part. 😉 With that said, my husband and I put together a list of things people may not know about homeschoolers and the homeschool system.

  1. They go to class together! Now their normal day to day is classes at home, but most families in the homeschool community have a thing called CO-OP. These groups vary regarding rules, regulations, etc, but usually it is a group of families in their area that get together to learn and help each other while offering classes to the kids. Along with the classes, they sometimes put together field trips.
  2. They play school sports. Although I attended public school I participated in homeschool sports activities. Not all organizations allow this, but since my school didn’t have high school soccer they allowed me to join. This is how I met my husband (I will save that for a different time 🙂 ) They play other homeschool groups, just like high schools play other schools in their district. Depending on the amount of people interested they will offer soccer, track, football, baseball, etc.

    This is a picture of my husband and his team senior year. They one Nationals! Something I hear about every time we get together with his family. (His father was the coach)
    This picture was taken the year David (my husband) won Nationals. You can see Davids father (far left in black) and David (front row, fourth person).
  3. THEY GO TO PROM! Yes! Everyone is most surprised when we tell them that. The one my husband and I attended was put together by the CO-OP group. It was different because I didn’t know anyone, but so much fun! It was a themed dance (old Hollywood) above a downtown theater in the loft. The only difference from that prom and my school’s prom was that it was catered, we ate dinner there.

    d prom
    Davids senior prom. We were so little!
  4. They are outgoing! I don’t know why the stigma of homeschoolers is reserved, quiet, shy…my husband, along with 80% of the other people I met within the homeschool community were very sociable.
  5. And lastly, they show baby pictures at graduation, and by that I mean they celebrate finishing high school just like everyone else. My husbands graduation was huge compared to my little hometown. Baby pictures, videos, quotes, walking across the stage, the whole shebang.
davids graduation
This picture is from Davids Graduation. We had only been dating for about 6 months.

There ya have it, 5 things no one tells you about homeschoolers AND old pictures of my husband and I! 🙂

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