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Doing Life: Our Testimony Of Faith

This post is very personal. I wrote it to not only share my faith, but also to document our life, for my husband and I. ♥


For the last year, David and I have been through so much. Stuff that most people don’t know about, besides a select few. As everyone does know, David joined the Air Force almost two years ago. He was advised by many that going Air Force Reserves and getting an Active Reserve spot was the way to go. What they didn’t tell him, or maybe didn’t know, that it could and would take forever to get that active spot. After basic and tech. school he was to report back to his base for another 6 months of training. This type of training is called “STP”. It is supposed to be mandatory. David arrived home in November of 2013 and we moved near his new base the end of the month. This move was not like an ordinary military move, when you are active military you have the option to have them move you but, since David was reserves we moved ourselves and paid for it out of pocket. A week before he was to start work they called him and told him that they had no budget to start his orders. We moved over an hour away from home to be told he had no job. Now this story is not to get sympathy, I want to share my faith and show how God has changed my life and marriage. I am actually writing this before what we have been working towards has actually happened. I am THAT sure God has this planned for us. So let’s backtrack. We were down here with no job. This was so hard, we were scared but, we prayed for a miracle and tried to stay positive.

This is the day we found out about having no job. We tried to smile through the pain. We did however hold on to eachother and put our faith in God.

A few days later they called David and let him know they could get him on “Week by Week” orders. For those that don’t know, that means they issue 5-day orders each week. We were SO thankful for this, but with this blessing came stress. Week by week orders only covers half the pay and no benefits. Since the orders don’t carry over the weekend the pay is prorated and makes it ineligible for military benefits. This obviously put stress on our finances. That month we began investigating how to get an active job. David was told he had to pass many regulations to become an active reservist. He also couldn’t switch to actual active till they got a new budget at the beginning of August. After a couple weeks of 5-day orders, he was told STP orders were able to finally be processed. These orders were going to line up perfectly with when a budget for switching to active was supposed to be ready. That is when we knew that God wanted us to switch to active. We could just feel his presence with this great news. It is amazing how well it lined up. Two days before Christmas I was hospitalized, but thankfully God had a plan. Davids paperwork had been filed and we had health insurance! Something that would have cost us $15,000 (quote from medical bill) only cost us $250. Right after that time, God also brought me my sweet, baby boy.

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Throughout the next six months we realized other little things that pushed us in the right direction. Things that could have been looked at as a bad thing, but really were a blessing! One being David not getting a signing bonus when other people he knew had. If he would have got one, we would have to pay it back to switch over to active. Or David getting into a car accident, totaling our car, but leaving him unharmed. It was the other guys fault and his insurance paid us more than our car was actually worth on KBB. This gave us enough money to put some towards a new car AND enough for us to afford a new camera to further my photography business. We did have some car troubles during this time, but in the end we were able to get rid of all of our junk vehicles and buy a brand new one! 🙂 Things like that showed us God wanted to move us in that direction. After the six months of “training,” David was awarded 2 weeks of paid leave but had a 3-week break between his next week by week orders. We had saved up enough money that not only could we afford a week off, but we could afford a 10-day vacation to Florida. One day before we left for our trip we got the OK from Davids supervisors to switch. It was a flood of relief to know our dream was possible. We also had an amazing time in Florida, if you can’t tell by the pictures below. 🙂

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When we got back, my husband started week by week orders again. A huge pay cut, obviously. Although we were making progress with switching, we were in constant fear of David not having a job week after week since the budget could “run out” at any time. A fear that was validated when we were told he would have no job at the end of the month. David began to search for a civilian job. He planned on getting two jobs to make ends meet. God had another plan for him though. Due to his impressive resume, a previous general manager position, two commander coins withing 6 months, etc…God placed him in an assistant management job on salary at a local fast food restaurant (this job actually paid about $50 more than his week by week orders). This wasn’t our ideal situation, but definitely a blessing! The whole year we had been praying and staying faithful, knowing in Gods time things would happen for us. One day we got a call that we never wanted to get. His active recruiter told him that the job he was working towards switching to, along with every other option was no longer available due to slots being filled up already. The only things left were special forces. This. Was. Devastating! I can’t even explain the pain we felt. I was so sure this was what God wanted for us. I cried, screamed, prayed, asked God why he would do this. I told David the next day he should go in and just look at what Special Force jobs they had. I had such a heavy weight on my shoulders. So long story short, he went in and they told him, “Just so you know I’m not lying” and turned his computer screen around. On the screen was all the special force jobs. In the corner were also jobs you could switch to as active if you already did them as a reservist. AND GUESS FREAKING WHAT!? Davids job was on there! God opened another door! Another reassurance!! His recruiter didn’t even remember what Davids previous job was. The magnitude of the fact that if I hadn’t encouraged him to go in, or if the screen hadn’t been turned around for him to see we wouldn’t even be pursuing this anymore. I know only God could have made those things happen! No other explanation for those two PERFECT details falling into place. It has been three weeks since all of his paperwork has been “done”, but we are still waiting on word about his job. We are being patient and trusting God. His timing is everything and I know when he is ready to bless us with the news he will. 🙂


It has been a few days since we got the good news. David will get his orders the middle of next month for Active Duty! We are so blown away by Gods blessing and couldn’t be happier. The long last year has all been worth it! For safety reasons I can’t put where we will be stationed, but we are both just happy to be moving forward. I know our faith is what got us through this. Now for spring and new beginnings! 🙂 God is so good!


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