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Easy DIY Beach Decor!

So…If you have been following along for a while now, you know my husband and I took a trip down to the sunshine state last September. 😀

While on vacation, I was so inspired by the beach pictured above. The water, sand, shells…everything I need to feel relaxed.

Coincidentally last week my mom gave me the prettiest, beach themed serving tray. (I am redoing my living room to a beachy, vacay vibe) I knew exactly where and what I wanted to put with it.

What You Need:
3 Mason Jars
2 cups of sand (or whatever fills a single jar)
Bag of assorted seashells
2 cups of water (or whatever fills a single jar)
Serving Tray (optional)
Now, if you don’t live by the beach or plan to visit one soon, you can get all these things at Walmart, Michaels, etc.
Then all I did was separate each item into the mason jars and sealed them shut…and ta-duh! Super simple and cute beach decor! I then paired it with my serving tray and coasters that match my theme. Lastly, I placed it on the center of my coffee table, making it one of the focal points of the room.

I am seriously obsessed with it and can’t wait to add more things to my relaxing, get away. 🙂

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