Why My Dog Is Really My Best Friend!

Holy cow! It has been a busy couple of weeks! I actually moved into a new home three days ago!! And my husband and I already have everything unpacked…we are crazy..we know. 😀 With that said, I can finally sit down and write a new post, something I have missed doing. I have SO many posts coming up that I can’t wait to share. First though, an entry dedicated to my sweet, little guy.

Being a photographer, I spend lots of my time at home. Which also means I spend lots of time with my dog. We are together more often than any other person (even my husband). So in reality, you could say he is my best friend. And here are a few reasons why…

  1. He never gives me bad advice…or good advice for that matter.
  2. He’s always willing to cuddle on the couch…or at the kitchen table, and even on the toilet…  11348570_495788097235432_589341770_o
  3. He never wants to share my food…unless I drop it on the floor or leave it unattended.11327888_495788100568765_2035410376_o
  4. He’s always excited to see me…even if I’ve only been gone for 5 minutes.11296961_495788087235433_565851533_o
  5. And last, but not least, he has and will always love me…even after watching me sing NSYNC in my underwear…over and over again. 😀11349819_495788090568766_250679279_n

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