I’m Losing: A Rant Of A Military Wife.

This is not what I planned on posting today, but it was on my heart and I needed to get it out there.

As a military wife not only do we go through “normal” life situations, we also go through a few things like deployments and moving away from family. You would think with such hard times, others that are going through the same thing would want to support one another. That is not always the case…actually most of these other wives make it a competition, and apparently I am losing. In the last couple months, I have come in contact with a few people who think if you have it better than them then you have no right to feel the way you do. For example, I only live about 2 hours from my family. If a day comes that I miss them, I don’t dare tell anyone because their family is probably 12 hours away, so I shouldn’t miss my family, right? Or if my husband goes on a 6-month deployment, I shouldn’t be sad because at least he isn’t on a 12-month deployment. Why do we continue to make someone feel bad for normal feelings? Because someone else’s situation is “not as bad” as yours doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck also. blog2
Now..not all my friends are like this, I have a few that totally understand this lifestyle since they go through it as well, but others…not so much. I am just here to say if you miss your family, it is okay! If you are sad your husband is leaving for a week, it is okay. This is not a competition. Life is hard, growing up is hard, we shouldn’t expect someone to feel bad for you when they are ultimately going through the same thing. Even if you refuse to acknowledge it. I am not sorry for my feelings. I have compassion for someone going through tough times, I would and will do anything for someone that needs help, but if you think you deserve pity because your life is “harder” than others then you need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Being away from loved ones is always hard, no matter the distance, no matter how long. Sadly this is what military life is like a lot of the times, so instead of competing against one another, we should stand together. No winning or losing as individuals, just working together as a team. 


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