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Contour Routine: Products and Reviews

I finally got my hands on the Lorac Contour Palette..and so far I am obsessed!

So for all my makeup 101 readers, contouring is a makeup trend that is in full force right now. The literal definition of contour is, “an outline, especially one representing or bounding the shape or form of something.” With different products, you can actually do that to your face. 😀  Doing this can create a more slim and chiseled look. Many companies have come out with their own “Contour Palette”, making it hard to decide which one you need. I can honestly say that the Lorac Contour Palette is THE perfect product for beginners and pros!

It comes with the palette, a brush, and a step by step booklet on how to get the perfect look. The palette itself includes:

  • Beige Highlight
  • Yellow Highlight
  • Shimmer Highlight
  • Light Contour
  • Deep Contour
  • Medium Contour


It is oil and fragrance-free and can be bought at Ulta, Kohls, and Loracs website for $45.

For the eyes of this look I used the Lorac Pro Palette 2. (colors: Beige, Rosé, Mocha) LoracPro2

I was also able to test out Loracs new PRO Plus Fiber Mascara. This mascara gives great volume, but not much length.

TIP: For fuller AND longer lashes follow the steps below.

  1. Curl your lashes.
  2. Coat them with the PRO Plus Fiber Mascara.
  3. Once you have let the first coat dry some, add a second coat of Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real Mascara” in the color “Black”. It is STILL my favorite mascara for lengthening to this day.

No fake lashes needed!!

Back to the contour palette, I put together a little picture to help with the process of contouring a “Round Face Shape”. Which is what I have. 😉

The order I do the contouring is the same order it is listed on the picture.

TIP: Between each step, I blend with a big fluffy brush. This helps create more dimension while also giving a seamless finish. 🙂Contour

It looks crazy, but the end result is great! End Result

I am super impressed with the pigment and blendability of these powders. They are all soft and smooth. If you have any questions about the products I used in this post don’t be afraid to shoot me a message or comment down below!!


BTW: I am wearing Nyx Cosmetics Mega Shine Lip Gloss in the color “122 Natural”. It is the exact color of my lips, giving them a smooth and shiny look. Better yet, it is only $4.99 at Ulta!!

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Thank you for reading! 🙂


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