Where Have I Been?-Meeting An Online Stranger

Long time, no post! Life has been CRAZY busy with traveling, youtube, photography, etc. I am finally back home and able to blog again!!! (YAY!) While I was away, so many things happened. One of those things being…meeting my online bestie in real life!!! Some of you may know my gorgeous, talented, blogging friend Kait (Writer of¬†Starbs & Carbs), if you don’t…you’re missing out! We actually met, well, a little over a year ago on this wonderful app called Instagram! Yes, we met on the internet and became incredibly close due to the fact that we are both obsessed with all things beauty, sisters in Christ, and our husbands both serve in the U.S. Air Force! ūüėÄ Last month I was able to fly to Florida while she was there celebrating her 21st birthday and surprise her! It was an incredible experience and I even vlogged some of it for my youtube channel.

While I was also there, I had the privilege of shooting Kait and her sweet husband Gage. I thought it would be great to share a “few” shots from their session below! ūüėČ Because I mean….they are seriously the cutest, so enjoy! ‚̧¬©RadianceByRiley¬©RadianceByRiley¬©RadianceByRiley¬©RadianceByRiley

Next month, Kait is actually flying out to see me and I cannot wait! I just adore that girl.  We have big plans for our blogs, so make sure to check out hers to keep up with us both!


If you have any suggestions on something I should write about or¬†film ūüėČ ,¬†leave it in the comments below.

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Thank you for reading!¬†ūüôā


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