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Makeup Setting Sprays 101

I have come to realize that I own quite a few makeup setting sprays. So I thought, what a great opportunity to break them down and let you all know the PROS and CONS of each!

For those of you that have never heard of a “makeup setting spray” or “finishing spray”, it is basically a cosmetic product you apply after you are done with your makeup to help preserved it for a longer period of time. This is helpful when you are out and about with no time for touch-ups.

The four I picked to explain in this post are the Urban Decay setting sprays, L’Oreal Paris Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray, the NYX Cosmetics setting sprays, and the e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set

The first one I will start with is the e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set spray. This is a drugstore spray that can be found at Walmart, Target, or the e.l.f. website. It is 2 oz. and is priced at $3.00 per bottle. The problem I have with this spray is that ONE, it is super small! As you will see compared to the other sprays, you do not get a lot of product. Although for the price, I guess you can’t complain too much. Then TWO, I have not found this spray to be very effective. I didn’t notice  any “shine-control” as it states in its beauty purpose, but I do think it is very refreshing when applied at first. I like to use this spray on clients that may have dry skin and need a hydrating boost. e.l.f. cosmetics

The next two setting sprays are the NYX Cosmetics Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray and the NYX Cosmetics Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray. You can find these at Ulta, Target, and the NYX website. They are 2.02 oz (so not much bigger than the e.l.f. spray) and cost $7.99 each. For drugstore sprays, they are not bad. I have oily/combination skin and have found that the Dewy Finish setting spray is the one I reach for more than not. Not because it makes me dewy but, for the fact it seems to smooth out my makeup and make it last longer. As for the Matte Finish spray, I did not see any oil control. For the price and effectiveness of the Dewy spray, I would recommend it! This doesn’t mean the Matte one does not work, it just did not work for me. 🙂NYX cosmetics

The third spray I want to talk about is the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray. This spray is sold at Walmart, Target, and Ulta. It is 3.4 oz and cost $ 16.99. The cost is a little more than other drugstore products but, you usually get what you pay for. I do like this product however, I am usually reaching for my NYX Dewy finish spray first (probably because of price). This spray is to extend your makeup time and keep you looking freshly done all day. I think if they were to make an “oil control” spray, I would be all over that! L'Oreal Cosmetics

Lastly, the Urban Decay setting sprays!!! There are three of them: the All-Nighter Long Lasting, the De-Slick Oil-Control, and the Chill Cooling and Hydrating. You can find these at Sephora, Ulta, and the Urban Decay website. They are $30.00 each but, 4 full oz. These are my hands down, all-time favorite sprays! They are on the high-end price which scares people away but, if you are looking to try them you can get the travel size for $14.00. I am not kidding when I say they are my favorite! I recommend them to all my clients and they are also what I keep in my kit. The two I personally use for myself are the All-Nighter and the De-Slick spray. Depending on the time of year, All-Nighter for the cooler/winter months and De-Slick for the hotter/summer months. I can tell a huge difference when I wear these, which is really important to me. I hate spending money just to find out it doesn’t work (but I am sure everyone feels that way). In conclusion, I love these products and if you can, definitely get your hands on one! 😀Urban Decay

Do you have a favorite makeup setting spray that I didn’t mention in this post? Make sure to let me know down below!

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Thank you for reading! 🙂


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