XO Riley Boutique-Plus Black Friday Discount!

On a post…long long ago I mentioned my Etsy shop. I had actually cleared it out so it was no longer open but, it is finally back up! I have been working on a few pieces and added them to the shop. I also renamed it XO Riley Boutique that way it is easier for you all to find me! 😀 With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would be a great time to share. acornMy first piece is a Peter Pan inspired woodsy necklace. I really do love anything Disney. My Acorn “Kiss” Necklace is approximately 30 inches long, making it perfect for a flowy, whimsical outfit. cameraThe next piece is also approximately 30 inches long. The unique Camera Necklace is for anyone that loves to take pictures! I am a photographer myself and finding cute jewelry that represents my interested are sometimes hard to come by. The pendant is complete with black leather and a rhinestone lense.coffeeMy last necklace that is listed right now is one of my friends favorites! If you are a coffee lover this cute Cup Necklace is for you! It is approximately 20 inches long with a pendant resembling a Starbucks cup. ❤

Along with these necklaces, I have a few digital prints that you can check out at XO Riley Boutique. With sharing my shop today, I wanted to give a Black Friday discount!! Now through Sunday get everything in the shop 15% off with the discount code “XOBLACKFRIDAY”. Happy Shopping! 😀

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Thank you for reading! 🙂xo,riley

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